The Turkish-German University is a public state university, based on a governmental agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Combining the best achievements of academic tradition in research and education from both countries is the main strength and gives the university an unique and distinctive profile. Thanks to its partnership with over 30 universities in Germany as part of our consortium and the close collaboration with leading Turkish and German companies and research institutions, the students experience a excellent and hands-on education.

As a logical consequence of its profile, the Turkish-German University encourages the entrepreneurship of its students and staff. The collaboration with EMpower and the co-organized startup events are a natural part of our educational ecosystem, rather than some additional activity.

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EMpower is a non-profit limited liability company registered in Germany committed to the start up of companies in Turkey and the development of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Entrepreneurial training programs are conducted in partnership with established public and private institutions.

The specified programs are largely funded by private and public funding and through participation fees.

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